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It has now been a month since you politely excluded me from your life. And every day I have thought of you. I picked both my bed mattress and platform with you. How can I forget mint green is your favorite color, with my entire bathroom wrapped in it? The layout of the living room which I passed by you when I first thought of it, is now there, reminding me every morning when I see it, every afternoon when I get home from work.
I miss you. It's a dull ache, by this point, but a consistent one. A loss not just of the reality of you, but of the idea of you and the potential of us, of a tight friendship, of playing games together, of sharing thoughts and ideas.
Twice I went against your wishes. Once to make an attempt to correct what I thought was my mistake, although I've never really been sure what that was. It was a blind attempt to regain your favor, now I see, although back then I genuinely just wanted to make sure things didn't brake for anyone else.
The second, when concern made me
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Mature content
The result of loneliness :iconlemien:Lemien 0 0
He floats, a vast expanse surrounding him. His world; his domain.
His mind.
He stands above a similarly vast construct, an edifice composed of firm solid elements as a base, with a myriad struts, assemblies, and other temporary scaffolding around it. If it remains fixed for too long, it's integrated, absorbed into the solid core.
He looks over his kingdom, noticing things at the very periphery; the outside world.
As he looks he replicates these external objects within; the mental models he utilizes to comprehend and interact with the outside world. He makes them as exact and accurate as he can, although he is aware that such a thing is impossible. Still, he relies on his understanding f the external world, as codified in these mental representations, to understand how things should work.
Most of the time he is preoccupied with the mental models themselves; conjuring them from the mass that is the core of his personality and knowledge, bringing them forth onto his mind to refine, link,
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It's human nature to spread out, like seeds from a tree.
At first school holds a group of individuals together, forcing you to get to know each other, and serving as the first extended social construct the person's a part of.
Then college is the first time the individual generally has a choice regarding where he goes. This is where we see what truly binds us, or guides our hands in regards to choices. In this step, as most others, it's plans for the future (partner, studies).
Then after college the individual again branches out to work. Again future plans serve as the primary guiding hand, yet here relationships may also have a strong decisive voice (firm partner, marriage, children).
Each of these steps either distances us from the previous social construct or brings us in contact with a new one. It's rare for people to hop social constructs together. This is why friendships are lost as we grow up.
I was of the mind that the word "friend" was a strong one. Not everyone I know is a fri
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The Sea's Song
She sits back at the moonpool, her feet again in the water. It feels refreshing, yet... more.. Like it ripples more than it should around her skin.
She thinks to herself, of the crew and their support. "They mean well, I suppose. But Slatan and Jogen... They are...." She shakes her head in frustration. If she's gonna get a handle on things she's gonna have to figure things out one a time; starting with herself.
She hears the song in the water, so she closes her eyes, breathing deeply, and begins to sing in accompaniment. As she sings, she feels the water's song respond and heighten, and hears the sound of gurgling water as well.
When she opens get eyes, she gasps. A mass of water pulls up through the moonpool, connected to the rest of the ocean, yet... Almost like a tentacle of water. As she observes it, listening to the song, she finds that she can alter the song and have the water follow her, thus controlling it's shape. With focus, she continues pulling out water, and realizes she c
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She sits, her legs in the water. This moonpool was commissioned in order to allow Jogen to enter and exit the boat in a simpler fashion, yet she had spent more time here than she'd seen him.
Which was just as well; she wasn't sure what to think of him anymore.
First, it was like she brought death back to her hometown. Not days after she arrived, her grandfather passed away. She was barely able to mourn when her escapades seemed to catch up to her, the Marines looking for her life.
She thought she was doing the right thing, showing these men what cruelty and suffering their higher-ups perpetuated, yet all it caused was the immediate death of some, and a swath sentence for the rest when we finally get caught.
Since then she can hear a faint voice in the waves, almost like the vibrations of the water resonating within her body... She feels drawn; hence, her feet within the water. It's almost like it's trying to tell her something...
She feels that what happened that day against the mob bo
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Enchanters: Illia
It's a slow afternoon, befitting a day after work. The sun taunts me
with his inexorable escape behind the horizon, an escape I can't
replicate. Yet, as I wipe the sweat from my brow I realize that my
escape is coming to me instead.
A girl is walking up the hill I stand on, her curvy body bouncing as
she walks in ways that automatically dispel any thoughts of work and
stress from my mind, replacing them instead with more pleasurable
pursuits. A smile spreads across my face, as it always does when I
look at her.
Her usually dark brown hair looks brighter now as the last of the
sun's rays weave themselves through it, to compete and fail with the
gleam in her eyes as she stares in mine.
Illia says "Hey handsome..." as her body presses into mine. We kiss, a
gentle kiss that promise more as the day turns to night. "How was
I chuckle at her comment. How she can consider me handsome in my
current state, my jeans and shirt covered with sawdust and wooden
chips, is beyond me. Yet her smi
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It's amazing what can hide behind beautiful eyes, behind a wonderful smile... I saw that smile almost every day, yet I never imagined that she could be even more wondrous within.
Every day, as I arrived at the castle, I'd look forward to seeing her smile... She arrived after I got there, and left before I did, so it seemed Destiny was intent on dashing my desire to talk to her, to get closer...
I would go outside and buy from her stall, endure all the other villagers around the castle, just to have an excuse to see her from up close, her hair, and eyes... Yet I never tried, never dared, to know her a bit better, to know more... I was infinitely interested, but I was missing something... Courage, valor?
Yet, Fate seems to be very cruel, for she allowed me to see a bit within that heart, only to show me how she would take it away from me... A glimpse at what could have been, only to close the door in my face...
Can you miss something you never had?
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This year I have lost 5 people, all dear to me, two of them fundamental to my soul. And in all, like always, I feel like I never really appreciated them until they were gone.
I first lost a great man, Guillermo Colon, my then-girlfriend's grandfather. A very wise man, full of experiences to relate regarding everything from construction to war experiences and many other things in between. He was like a living book, full of adventures and a life that was full of love and energy. He left behind a loving wife and a great daughter, the mother of my other.
I lost my grandmother, Blanca Viera. A wonderful woman, who taught me many things and who served as the focal point of my family on my mother's side. I miss her terribly, and still remember fondly how she used to bring bubbles to the tub when I was bathing, just to make me happy. She leaves behind two daughters and a husband, not to mention the grandkids.
I lost Zulma Cordero, a person who at first glance would not seem to really carry tha
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I came as soon as I got the message. Though most of the message was unintelligible, the fact i could hear her cracking voice was enough. There's only one place Luna will go to when she's crying. Which is the way I drove, swerving between cars to get to the one girl who means the world to me.
I ran past the tourists with the kites, flying them high up in what seemed to be an impending storm. The big field, windy as it is during the day, brings many people for this activity, yet my destination lies farther on, the the old fort ruins. It is here that I see her.
She's sitting in one of the gaps in the inner wall, hard stone behind and below her, safe in her corner. I approach slowly, and when she hears the grass crumpling underfoot, she looks up to me, tears in her dark eyes. Yet, she just looks down again, and stays her place.
I go to her, sitting besides her, and try to find out what's wrong. She talks to me, always avoiding my gaze, yet i don't need to see her eyes to know that sadness
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    Running through these undead is a simple affair, even without the powers I've awakened. I swerve around, over, and amongst them, with the poor blokes only realizing my passing after the fact. I keep an eye on the real threat, a huge golem of a man whose's full plate armor towers over the battlefield. He holds a bow in his hand, and from what i can see, his arrows cut a wide swath of destruction, taking whole buildings down with a single one. I'm running my fastest to help my friends, swerving amongst these zombies so i can hide from that dark knight.
    But then i see him slowly shift his aim a bit ahead of me, and i know I've been spotted. What his huge soulsteel weapon fires looks like a shard of darkness itself, a bolt of the purest obsidian that radiates a palpable entropy, seeking only to destroy. I watch it's approach, calculating if my current defenses are enough to protect me against this projectile. But when it's close enough for me
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Random Romantic Bits...
--- SNAP ---
Cut to a top down view of a school locker room. Many students are there, but 2 in particular stand out. The girl sitting in a stone bench, the kid laying down beside her. 3 sentences are exchanged, and she lowers herself to him, their faces upside down to each other, the image frozen in time as his first kiss happens around him, and within him.
--- SNAP ---
The world harassed them like no other force could, leaving them with little other choice. Nothing else worth having, but each other. As they embraced, lips locked in a show of affection unequaled since, they fell, what seemed like eternity for them. A last kiss, to last forever.
--- SNAP ---
Side view of college campus, second floor. 2 students lying down on the floor, talking amiably, when, suddenly, he pushes forward, kissing her, without thought or warning, pure emotional impulse overcoming every muscle of his body.
--- SNAP ---
2 teenagers walk hand in hand over a rocky stretch of beach, careful not to cut their fee
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A day, like every other day. I volunteered to escort Whisper to her temple, seeing as how Angel was with our Liege, and Magistrate was on business, and how we haven't seen Geburah in quite a while… So I'd rather not be bored. Besides, the Labyrinth is a nice place. I mean, just take out all the mad ghosts who want to kill you, the nephwracks who want to turn you to the service of Oblivion, and the Morthwrights who want to just drag you down with them. What do you end up with?
I know, not much.
So I decided to escort Whispers to her temple for today's sermon. Nice girl, that one. Very devout. I remember when I went to collect her, she even murdered her own sister because she wasn't believing. She was just imitating. And I can understand that. No space for wannabes, I suppose.
So Whisper starts with her sermon. Her voice is always melodious, yet hinting to a profound darkness. I'm pretty sure her connection to our Malfean lords runs much stronger than the one to our Liege. As long as she
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The Hunt for the Orb, Part 1
The construction is magnificent. A maze of catwalks suspended in the air above the ocean, probably created from blue jade and steel. The paths criss-cross with each other, making the whole thing look like a painting with a serious perspective problem. The structure seems to be suspended in midair, though 2 paths enter the ocean, and 2 paths contact the mountains at the sides. Still, they are too flimsy to actually offer support to the whole thing.
There were mortals there too. Seemingly, we needed them there for some reason, something to do with the end of whatever it is we were doing there. I think Angel was tasked with defending them, while Otoniel and I had to defeat the orb's guardians.
At the top of the structure sat a triangular platform, some 40 yards on a side. Each point had a stone, that, when properly activated, would allow us access to the blue orb that sat in the middle of the platform.
I remember being up there with Otoniel, trying to touch the Orb, and one of the stones
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"Good luck."
Those are his parting words, after a strong supportive hug, and a goodbye follows afterwards, the only thing that can come out of my lips. For some reason, I've grown close to him, probably seeing in him the support I have yet to have...
The support that was denied to me 10 years ago...
Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty sure Anais is still alive, and as such, I hold hope to meet her again, someday. But loneliness wears down the soul, and support is such a lovely respite to what my life has been so far...
But expecting Anais to just fall back in my lap is a bit too much to hope.
I leave Sayn's workshop and head out, looking for a place to hide until nightfall, when it'll be easier to wander around undisturbed. I decide to take the rooftops, since most people can't see there, so I begin to walk towards the highest building I can see.
Getting up there is simple, first by wrapping the air about me to make me invisible, and then by willing the wind to bear me alost, allowing
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Today I stand at a great banquet, in honor of gods know what petty political move by the rulers of this distant land. Sincerely, I don't care much for what happens around these parts. This is one of the many cities that thrive in the Scavenger Lands, but it is not my destination. I am just passing by. But whether I care for their petty squabbles or not, they have food, and a chance to listen in to other people's affairs. Sometimes I can gather useful information from these.
I concentrate my essence upon myself, and disguise myself as a wealthy foreigner, with clothes to match my haughty impression, thanks to my Autochthonian friends. With this disguise, and a few additional effects, no one argues my being there: I just belong.
Which is just as well, because a foreigner who just arrived is a very hungry person! I quickly get to eating, while keeping observant of the social interactions between people. Some, maybe out of curiosity, decide to strike up a conversation with me. I chat, nonc
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Hey. Trying to get back to writing, but my programming, work, and college are getting in the way.

Still, gonna try and write another on the Enchanter series I just started. *shrugs*
Hope you guys like it.


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